Global Logistics Solutions for Shippers, Forwarders & Carriers

Trade Tech's integrated cloud solution brings an entire global organization together on a single Cloud-based system.  Everyone in the organization comes together in a single environment ensuring "one version of the truth".   Each shipment is a single file where origins and destinations work together to manage the shipment process from end to end; no more separate export and import or Customs files that don’t reflect updates and don’t sync up.


TRADE RATES is a comprehensive solution designed to address all the pricing needs of international logistics providers. Trade Tech offers three rate/price management applications, available separately, for single implementation, or as part of TradeTech’s integrated Trade Rates Suite. This flexibility allows customers to select a solution meeting their specific operational and pricing needs.

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TRADE MANAGER is a multimodal logistics solution which drives freight expedition through integration with underlying carriers while providing exception management.  Trade Tech supplies standard templates for each operational event sequence, including origin, consolidation, transshipment or reconsolidation, and destination milestones. As information flows through each station (Origin, Gateway and Destination), incremental data is added to the shipment data pool, significantly reducing repetitive manual processes..

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TRADE CHAIN provides item and sub-item visibility from PO creation to final delivery.    This end-to- end solution is able to manage inventory traffic on a single system at every step and across multiple modes of transport.     A variety of users can collaborate, organize, administer, and expedite your goods to final delivery or into your distribution system.

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TRADE SECURITY ensures a company is in compliance with the regulations covering global security filing types such as Advanced Manifest System (AMS), Importer Security Filing (ISF), EU ENS, Japan AFR, Canada eManifest, Mexico AMS and South Africa SARS. all in a single platform.   Trade Tech is one of the first technology providers to receive certification for U.S. Custom and Border Protection’s (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).  Trade Tech servers communicate directly with customs agents to deliver the fastest and most reliable results.

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TRADE CASH is a full-service multi currency accounting software program specifically designed for logistics providers. It integrates with Trade Rates and Trade Manager to handle the specialized global accounting requirements of multimodal shipments. Trade Cash brings discipline to the shipping process by ensuring adherence to general-ledger periods and providing shipment accounting data to the origin and destination. This enables all parties to work from the same data set, greatly reducing the time it takes to settle profit splits and freight payment between organizations.

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Advanced Solutions

As global supply chains and market dynamics change, clients are in need of flexible solutions to meet their needs.   A global cloud solution with a broad and diverse set of underlying providers is critical.  Find out today how Trade Tech's advance solutions will meet  your needs for this changing dynamic.  Some of these solutions include:  eCommerce Filing, eBooking,  Allocation Management, Detention and Demurrage Management.

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